Why did you decide to support/mentor the robotics team?

Wanted to support my son, Nick.

What division do you mentor?

Business Team

What background experience did you have before coming sponsoring the team?

Bachelors in Economics from Purdue. Director of Operations and Finance at MLJ Adoptions.

Did you know anything about robotics before sponsoring?

I was in the stands cheering for FRC 5010 during my son Nick’s freshman year.

What is your favorite part of the team?

I love the opportunities for the students to have real world experiences in science and math subjects.

What type of music do you like?


What is your favourite flavor of ice cream?

I’m actually not a fan of ice cream. But, in a pinch I’ll eat chocolate.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Read, walk in the woods and garden.

Will you be voting for Kanye in 2020?

Excuse me?

Why do you think people should join robotics?

It’s the closest to a real world experience that any of my sons have had in an extra-curricular activity.

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